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AliExpress Shopping + direct ways to AliExpress

How easy it is to shop at AliExpress en as easy as any USA or European online store. You need a bank card that supports online payments. Usually you are using a PayPal akountu linked to your bank card, which you can buy at AliExpress .com. Buying a product from AliExpress is no more complicated than You have to create your own accounts with AliExpress and start buying! It is easier to use a Facebook or Google+ actress. In Latvia, most people have Facebook accounts, so it can be used to shop at the AliExpress online store.

The online store offers a lot of goods and prices are sometimes so low that AliExpress competes with Latvian online stores. The only advantage of Latvian online stores and AliExpress is that in Latvia you can get the goods faster than from

Of course, if we want to pay less, buy | Easy Online Shopping.

What delivery services support AliExpress delivery? Methods?

At present AliExpress suppliers of goods can choose express shipping companies: UPS, FedEx, DHL, TNT, EMS, TOLL, e-EMS, ePacket, China Post, HongKong Post, Singapore Post, Swiss Post, Swedish Post, Russian Airlines, Special Line-YW, DHL Global Mail and SF Express and other AliExpress suppliers.

The delivery methods for the purchased AliExpress product are determined by the suppliers. It is desirable to contact the supplier directly for more information on delivery. To contact your supplier, you can go to the product information page or store and click Contact Now to send the message.

Why are AliExpress many products low prices?

If you're browsing some of the products in the AliExpress online store, you'll probably notice that many prices are really low. Why is it?

First of all, there is a possibility that you buy goods directly from the manufacturer, which reduces the selling costs to you. Production costs in China are rather low compared to other countries. It also promotes non-compliance with intellectual property law.

Electronic goods have fantastic low prices at AliExpress because they are manufactured in China and you can buy them directly, avoiding a retail mark-up at the store.

The second option, which is very cheap, may be counterfeit or fraudulent (or partially fraudulent, for example, GooPhone I5). China is known as the largest producer of counterfeit products, and the following goods can be sold at the AliExpress online store.

You can get all kinds of counterfeit items from electronics to clothing. Some vendors are also known for deceiving buyers before they get a product and then disappear with money.

How long do we receive goods from AliExpress?

All products sold by AliExpress have a delivery time on the product page, usually between 20 and 60 days. Yes, two months is a very long time to wait for something you've bought in the online store! After many people's experience of about two weeks, there is an average time to get a product from, but you will definitely need patience to buy it and get it directly from China.

All shipments (even those with free shipping) will have a tracking number as soon as the shipment is sent from the seller, but it may take weeks to actually ship the item to your address before the tracking number is added. You will then be able to follow the package as it travels through various post offices in China and arrives at the customs office after long waiting times.

If there is no tracking number after 10 days, you should contact the seller. You will not be able to complain to the seller if no delivery time is specified until the maximum delivery time has been exceeded.

During six years of shopping for hundreds of euros in the AliExpress online store, I only had two cases when the product was not delivered and the money was returned to the bank card. The seller offered the item again and of course I received both packages about a month later.

AliExpress is an international group of Chinese retail giant AliBaba, which aims to compete with online giants like Amazon and eBay.

But is AliExpress safe to shop for? How long will it take to get the product and what will happen when the item does not come to you? Is AliExpress a legal online store platform? And could you become a victim of fraud if you shop there? These answers are not as topical nowadays as several years ago.

If you have not made purchases at AliExpress, you should be aware that it is a huge online retailer owned by The Alibaba Group, a multi-billion dollar corporation, and its beginnings began as a Chinese business buying and selling portal, somehow similar to a corporate exchange. Since its inception, the company has expanded and established links between businesses and consumers.

In order to give you an idea of ​​how big a company is in Alibaba, one-day sales were released in the press, reaching a turnover of more than $ 25 billion directly on the Singles Day (November 11).

AliExpress is an Alibaba online consumer trading platform for international buyers. It enables small businesses in China to sell goods to customers worldwide. Like Amazon, the online store can find almost everything. Unlike Amazon, all AliExpress vendors are involved as a third party: AliExpress itself does not sell anything. They simply provide a trading platform with a percentage of the sales commission. | aliexpress lv | aliexpress | aliekspress | aliekspres | aliexpress ru | ali express | | алиэкспресс | aliexpress euro | | alliexpress | alixpress | alieexpress | aliexspres | alliexpres | aliexspress | алиекспресс | alixpres | alexpres | aliexpress english | aliexpre | алиекспрес | aliexpress. com | алиэкспрес | aliaexpress | aliexpress com | alyexpress | www.aliekspres | | alekspres | ali expres | ali ekspres | aliexpress uk | alikspres | aiexpress | alieexpres | aliexpress. | alyexpres | alie express

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